- Harold and Maude - Nebencharaktere
Titel: Harold and Maude - Nebencharaktere
Kategorie: Englisch / Texte und Interpretationen

Im Folgenden sind die wichtigsten Nebencharaktere aus "Harold and Maude" mit einigen beschreibenden Stichwörtern aufgelistet. Die folgenden "minor characters" repräsentieren traditionelle gesellschaftliche Vorstellungen.

  • Harold and Maude ridicule him. He's not respected by them.
  • serious, officious, doesn't show any feelings
  • cares about laws (contrary to Maude's lending of cars)
  • tries to do his job but doesn't succeed

  • represents and supports Christian ideals
  • old fashioned, traditional, conservative
  • intolerant
  • bourgeois attitudes more important than the Christian commandment to love

Mrs. Chasen
  • ignores her son's feelings / personality
  • old fashioned, traditional, conservative
  • very interested in what other people think and say
  • status-conscious

Uncle Victor
  • Being a soldier and taking part in war are all the world to him.
  • He enjoys war and battles => brutal, amential
  • strict, is in favour of discipline
  • patriotism
  • uniform in every situation

  • superficial
  • helpless: just asking questions, no real ideas
  • no progress during all the sessions
  • scientifical appearance
  • tries to explain Harold's behaviour by referencing to Oedipus


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